You don't have to do this alone, Pastor

It's entirely possible for a pastor like you, like us, to have a close-knit group of people we can count on and open up to — who understand our struggles and concerns because they're right there with us or they've been where we are.

The EntrePastors Mastermind


per month

* Bi-Weekly small group mastermind calls with Jon, Les and Business Consultant Shane Odom (the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 2 PM CT)

* Hot seat coaching opportunities as part of our regular calls

* Annual Meet Up In Person 

* PLUS all of the benefits of the EntrePastors Membership and Pastor's Business Alliance (coming soon)

Apply for the EntePastors MasterMind

After approval, we'll send you a link to join the mastermind.

Mastermind Groups have honestly been a game-changer for us and for so many worldchangers: Benjamin Franklin, C.S. Lewis, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford.


This is exactly what pastors need to help them move beyond the status quo with direct benefits to you, your family, your congregation, and your community.