Balancing Contentment and Ambition in Ministry and Business - with Scott Cramer


How do you balance having a strong drive or ambition to grow and succeed on one hand, with the command to be content in your current circumstances on the other?  This is a common struggle for anyone who seeks to live a godly life, yet make a big impact in the world whether through their ministry or business pursuits.  

In this episode, Jon and Les, along with their guest, Scott Cramer, touch on this theme.  Scott entered vocational ministry out of a family-owned business, but he still leans into his entrepreneurial giftings in both pastoral ministry as well as the marketplace.  Scott shares some insights he’s learned along his journey that we are confident will inspire and encourage other pastors who are on a similar journey.

Connect with Scott:
Email:  [email protected]

The CEO program that Scott talked about:

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