Listen to the EntrePastors Podcast

Jon Sanders from Small Town Big Church and Pastor Les Hughes from Pastor's Leadership Network join to explore the meaning of entrepreneurship and how it relates to today's pastor. 

Join us each week to move past limiting beliefs and a broken way of doing ministry and discover how to use your passions and skills beyond the traditional pastoral and church setting to create additional income streams for your family while remaining faithful to God's calling and purpose for your life.


Once I embraced the truth that God wants us to steward everything for His glory, I started seeing Him use my skills and gifts in more ways besides pastoral ministry. The bonus there is that I also started seeing additional streams of income that only further my work for the Lord. – Pastor Les Hughes 



EntrePastors, Co-Founder

With over 20 years in pastoral ministry, Jon Sanders has a passion for using his voice to motivate and inspire leaders in ministry and business through his professional coaching, speaking, and podcasting platforms.

Jon is the co-host of the EntrePastors Podcast that serves pastors by helping them think, act, and thrive as prosperous entrepreneurs.

Jon serves as the Director of Coaching for the 95Network, an organization that specializes in serving small to midsize churches. In addition to his passion for church leaders, Jon also works as a full-time firefighter/EMT for Sioux Falls Fire Rescue in Sioux Falls, SD.


 EntrePastors, Co-Founder

Les Hughes is a pastor,  teacher, author, leadership coach to pastors and executives and host of the Pastors' Leadership Podcast and co-host with his wife, Page, for In the Meanwhile podcast. Les has served in pastoral ministry for twenty-nine years, with a four year stretch at Mississippi College as Chair of the Christian Studies and Philosophy Department.

Les currently serves as senior pastor at First Baptist Church Pleasant Grove in Birmingham, Alabama.

Les and his wife Page live in Alabaster, Alabama. They have four children and 11 grandchildren (#12 coming in May 2023!).

Our current church model is broken. But by God's grace, we can change that. – Jon Sanders