From Toxic Scarcity to Healthy Abundance - with Eric Reploeg


For anyone who might find themselves serving in a toxic ministry culture where scarcity is the prevailing mindset, yet dreaming of a day where you could be walking in freedom and abundance, this episode is going to be a huge encouragement to you! 

In this episode, Jon and Les have a conversation with Eric Reploeg about his journey - from his early years in ministry in which he felt somewhat trapped in a toxic and abusive church system that left him barely scraping by to support his family - to eventually finding a much healthier rhythm of how church and business can work together to create a life of healthy abundance. 

Today, Eric is leading a growing vibrant church and working in the marketplace as a realtor.  He is also getting ready to pursue another stream of income as a professional speaker.  We’re confident you will be blessed as you listen to Eric’s story and dream of what is possible on your own EntrePastor journey.

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