Helping Pastors Find Corporate Jobs - with Eric Hoke

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In this episode Jon and Les have a conversation with Eric Hoke about his service to pastors called: I Help Pastors Get Jobs.  Eric serves as a church planter in the Bronx.  Early on in his church planting endeavor, Eric recognized the need to be a co-vocational pastor as a way of making ends meet financially.  He has worked in a corporate setting as a management consultant for many years and understands the needs and culture of corporate America.  

Recently, Eric saw an opportunity to help other pastors apply for and get hired into similar corporate roles.  He has launched  Eric has had a great level of success helping other pastors write a resume that highlights their skill set from pastoral ministry into language that is attractive to a corporate setting and as a result, land good-paying jobs that fit well with their ministry rhythms and schedules.  

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