MacGyver Wisdom for EntrePastors


In this episode Jon and Les share some “Hollywood-inspired” wisdom for pastors who are just getting started in their entrepreneurial journeys.  Reaching way back to the classic hit TV show, MacGyver, Jon and Les unpack a great lesson for entrepreneurs. 

Regardless of the impossible situations MacGyver found himself in, he managed to use whatever tools and resources at his disposal to take care of business and live to fight another day.  Sometimes it’s tempting for start-up entrepreneurs to look around at more seasoned veterans of business who are operating at a higher level and assume that unless they can have the same tools and resources as the pros, they’re not going to be able to make it.

But just like MacGyver, we can lean into whatever resources we have available to us in order to get our businesses off the ground so we, too, can live to fight another day.  Jon and Les also list several of the ways they bootstrapped their businesses in the early days and the free or low-cost tools they used in the process.

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