The Pressure Washing Pastor - with Joshua Brown


 On this episode of the EntrePastors podcast, Jon talks with Joshua Brown, also known as “The Pressure Washing Pastor.”  Joshua has an incredible story of growing up on the streets of Nashville, living a life that was drifting far away from the Lord, but then being radically saved and transformed by the love of God.  

His passion for the Lord led him into spending many years serving in various vocational ministry roles.  For Joshua, it seemed the more heavily he pursued the vocational work within the church, the further removed he felt from giving his life to actual ministry that was impacting others.  

In 2016, feeling both the frustration of the bureaucracy of church work along with the extreme financial hardships it was causing his family, Joshua launched his own pressure washing company.  Over the next few years he would see his company grow into multiple locations with revenue that he never could have imagined.  

But the thing that Joshua found most exciting about his new role in the marketplace, was the endless opportunities to care for and shepherd people.  Eventually he was given the title “the pressure washing pastor” by a group of businessmen in his community.  

Joshua decided to run with that mantle and now feels called by God to help others experience the same joys of profitable business and ministry that he has been able to experience - by helping them launch their own pressure washing ventures as well.

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