A Word For Church Boards



In this episode Jon and Les speak directly to those who sit on boards and leadership teams in churches all across the nation.  Unfortunately, in many instances, pastors feel as though their potential to engage in some kind of marketplace ministry will be directly opposed by their boards.  Jon and Les have some words of admonition and encouragement for church boards and make a strong case for why it’s a “win-win” scenario for a pastor to be granted the freedom to launch a side-hustle in addition to serving in their pastoral role.  Here are some of the big ideas Jon and Les share in this episode:

  • The traditional model of the “full-time pastoral ministry” is taking pastors out of the ministry faster than we are replacing them.
  • You likely have unrealistic expectations of your pastor!
  • Your church will benefit when your pastor is not hurting financially.
  • Both your pastor AND your church will benefit by having your pastor in the marketplace.
    • Your church members will not be able to sit back and assume the pastor is the primary ministry provider.  They will need to get off the bench and into the game.
    • Your church will be able to identify and overcome any unrealistic and unbiblical expectations that have been placed upon their “full-time” pastor.
    • Your pastor will be less hesitant to preach boldly, lead innovatively, and confront problems in the church.
    • Your pastor will not have a low ceiling for their earning potential.
    •  Your pastor can avoid the trap of their church ministry becoming a one-dimensional, all-consuming identity.

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In the backstage portion of this podcast Jon and Les talk to pastors about the best way to utilize this content with their boards and have it be the starting point for some great conversations that will lead to a better and healthier way of doing ministry:

  • We encourage you to share this with your current (or potential) board.  Let them know you resonate with this content and desire for them to listen to it.  (Feel free to tell them any parts of it you don’t necessarily agree with.)
  • After they have had a chance to listen and process the content, lead them through a conversation in which they can give you their feedback.  Be ready to suggest some changes you would like to see moving forward.
  • If you find yourself dealing with a toxic board and no ability to change it…LEAVE!  There are so many ways for you to be obedient to God’s call upon your life and thrive in the process.  You don’t have to keep putting up with a toxic situation!

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