How to Create the Best Year Ever


It has been said, “Everyone ends up somewhere; some people end up there ON PURPOSE!” (Andy Stanley) The truth is most people are simply drifting through life on a strong current of complacency and ending up in the random destinations to which it leads.  However, some people chart a course for their life and move against that current of complacency and end up in the destinations they chose.  

In this episode Jon and Les pose some powerful questions and share some practical steps you can take to ensure you end up in a place you actually want to be in your life.  Here are some of the big ideas shared in this episode:

  • What would have to happen for 2023 to be the best year of your life?
  • What if it’s possible for you to decide right now at the beginning of the year where you are going to end up, and then take deliberate steps of ACTION that will ensure you get there?
  • Why are “New Year’s resolutions” largely ineffective for almost everyone?
  • Rather than setting “New’s Year’s resolutions, you should put goals in place that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound, and Written down! 
  • Jon & Les challenge you to set written, SMART goals in the following six areas of your life:
  1. Spiritual
  2. Mental
  3. Relational (Spouse/Family/Friends)
  4. Career/Vocational
  5. Physical/Health
  6. Financial

We all need accountability along the way to help us stay on course with the goals we’ve set.  EntrePastors is here to provide the support, encouragement, and accountability - and walk beside you as you make progress on your goals - and to ultimately help you end up in the destination you’ve chosen.

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