Beyond the Pulpit: Pastors Leading the Way in Disaster Relief and Resource Recruitment - with Daniel Woodard


In this episode Jon interviews Daniel Woodard, who not only serves as a pastor, but has also found an impactful ministry/business side income in the realm of disaster relief.  You will hear Daniel reflect on the importance of pastors being present during disasters and recruiting others to help. 

Sharing personal experiences of serving in disaster relief efforts, Daniel highlights the need for pastors to connect with organizations and provide clear pathways for people to get involved. Daniel also discusses the impact of his work/ministry and the significance of supporting first responders. 

Additionally, Daniel shares his own journey of faith and ministry, emphasizing the importance of making disciples and living out one's faith in any situation. Daniel also introduces a unique project in response to crisis and expresses a desire to recruit pastors and lay ministers to join their work.

Connect with Daniel:

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