Building a Business Around Life Celebrations with Wayne Prevett


 For many pastors, weddings and funerals are a normal part of their ministry work.  And if most pastors are being honest, they often view weddings and funerals as an interruption to all the other busy work they have going on in their churches and pastoral duties.  At times they might even feel a little resentful as they come face to face with the expectations and obligations that others place upon them to conduct these events for little to no charge for all of their extra efforts and services.  In this episode, Jon and Les talk with returning guest Wayne Prevett, founder of Life Celebration Ministries about how significant of an opportunity there is to share Christ with people around the times of marriage, death of a loved one, or the birth of a new child.  Wayne helps pastors not only lean into the great ministry opportunities through these life celebrations, but also teaches them how to set up profitable businesses as professional life celebration specialists.

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