Business + Mission = B.O.O.M. with Mike Thakur

Jun 24, 2022

In this episode Jon and Les talk with Mike Thakur. Mike tried serving for a season in a traditional pastoral role, but quickly learned that God had gifted him for ministry in the marketplace.

Mike has a passion for kingdom focused entrepreneurship and seeks to help others embrace God’s plan to change the world through missions.

Some of the topics we discuss in this interview are:

Mike’s mantra is “Business + Mission = B.O.O.M. (Business Operating On Mission)

  • Mike talks about how his success in business fuels his ability to be generous through his non-profit FT5K (Feeding the Five Thousand)
  • Many people go into pastoring for the wrong reason.
  • It’s easier to simply write a check and give to another church or charity than it is to actually get your hands dirty and get involved with a cause.
  • Mike shares why he thinks less churches is actually a good thing.
  • We need more players on the field. Church is not the field; the marketplace is.

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