Using a Podcast for Business and Ministry (With Chris Grainger)


In this episode Jon and Les have a conversation with Chris Grainger, the founder and host of The Lion Within Us Podcast. 

Chris has a passion to help Christian men level up in their health, wealth, and self. He shares how he is using his podcast not only as a means of serving others, but also to generate a new stream of revenue. 

Some of the other topics we talked about in the show are:

  • How Chris transitioned into a marketing role within his company by offering to host a podcast for the organization.
  • How you can create your job description.
  • How pastors can serve as content creators for other corporations beyond the four walls of their church buildings.
  • What are some of the common challenges to launching your own podcast.
  • The importance of staying consistent in your content creation.

In the backstage portion of this podcast Chris shares his advice for anyone who is just getting started in the podcast world.  He shares some of the secrets that have helped him develop a growing audience in such a short period of time.

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