Do Pastors Lack the Grit to be Entrepreneurs? with Joshua Brown



In this episode of the EntrePastors podcast Jon and Les welcome back returning guest Joshua Brown…aka “The Pressure Washing Pastor,” to wrestle with the question of whether or not pastors lack the grit to make good entrepreneurs.  Joshua unpacks some of his thoughts about how the traditional model of vocational ministry has helped to reinforce a spirit of dependency and complacency that makes it hard for some pastors to do the work of an entrepreneur.  At first glance this might not seem to be that big of a deal, but as you will hear in this conversation, when pastors become reluctant to lean into the work ethic required for entrepreneurialism, they often struggle to engage people in the marketplace as a part of their ministries. Furthermore, dependency upon a church for a pastor’s complete financial wellbeing is almost a guaranteed path to staying stuck in pastoral poverty and failing to provide a more significant stream of income for their families.  

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