Embracing the Mission Field of the Online Marketplace with Katie Hornor


In this episode Jon and Les talk with returning podcast guest, Katie Hornor.  Katie and her family have served as missionaries in Mexico for many years, but she has also leaned into the entrepreneurial space of the online marketplace as well. 

Katie is a client experience & marketing strategist, speaker, author and expat entrepreneur in a sleepy little seaside town in México who has inspired people all over the world with her best-selling books, programs and podcast. She has helped over 8,000 Christian women entrepreneurs grow their businesses through biblical principles for marketing and client experience success.

Katie takes her inspiration from the quirky flamingo and believes “You are a flamingo!” You can do "business as worship," and she helps you embrace and leverage your God-gifted uniqueness for growth in your marketplace.  Katie has just released the audio version of her book The Flamingo Advantage and shares some of her wisdom and insights from the book with our audience through this episode.

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