Leveraging Business for the Spread of the Gospel with Ryan Reger


 In this episode Jon and Les talk with Ryan Reger about how he has and continues to lean into the specific skills God has given him in the area of business to support and further the spread of the gospel around the world.  Ryan has been extremely successful in not only building his own ecommerce business, but has also helped hundreds of other people launch online businesses of their own.  

In addition to his ecommerce success, Ryan is also the founder of Legendary Virtual Assistance Services.  He has a passion for connecting talented VA’s with pastors and other kingdom-minded entrepreneurs who could benefit from the services they provide.  

Most recently, Ryan has also launched the Kerusso Podcast Network, a service that helps pastors, missionaries, evangelists, or anyone else who is trying to get the gospel message out to the world through their podcasts.  We’re confident you will be inspired by Ryan’s heart for the kingdom as well as the resources he continues to create to support those in ministry and business.

Connect With Ryan:

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In the backstage portion of this episode Ryan talks about why it’s so important for God’s people (especially pastors) to have a right mindset around the subject of money and building wealth.

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