Common Traits of Successful EntrePastors

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Success leaves clues. It’s possible to study the lives of others whom we look up to in order to discover some of those clues and then model our own thinking and actions accordingly if we desire to grow in a similar direction.  In this episode Jon and Les talk about some of the commonly shared traits among pastors who are thriving in their pastoral ministries and business ventures.  Here’s an overview of the big ideas you’ll hear about in this show.  Some of the common traits of successful entrepastors are:

  • They have a growth mindset.
  • They exercise gratitude regularly.
  • They are habitual learners.
  • They are generous.
  • They are disciplined.

After listening to this episode, we encourage you to take an inventory of how you might level up in one or all of these areas in your own life.

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