From Long-Time Dream to Thriving Business with Gwen Rutz


In this episode we hear from one of our very own EntrePastors, Gwen Rutz.  Gwen and her husband Troy have turned their long-time dream of building a business around their passion for archery into a reality.  Gwen shares how their dream came to fruition much faster than she had originally thought possible, due in some part to the encouragement and coaching she received through our EntrePastors community.  Some of the other highlights of this conversation are:

  • The value in launching a business in preparation for a future transition out of pastoral ministry.
  • Why it’s so helpful to test the market before fully jumping into a business idea.
  • How you can use your business as a platform to advance the gospel.
  • How it’s possible to be “all-in” in multiple arenas of life at the same time.
  • How do you know when it’s time to transition out of pastoral ministry and into a new season of ministry/business?

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