Impacting Lives Beyond Academia with Dr. Ivan Parke

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In this episode Jon and Les talk with Dr. Ivan Parke about the release of his new book “When Life Meets the Soul: Everyday Lessons from the Book of Job.” Dr. Parke is a professor at Mississippi College who has studied the book of Job extensively throughout the past two decades.  He has turned his writings over the years into a book that is the first to be published through EntrePastors Press.  Some of the themes we talked about in our conversation include:

  • It’s awesome to get paid to do what you love!
  • Dr. Parke shares his passion for the book of Job and the need he saw to create a book that is written for regular people…not just an academic text book.
  • Whereas many commentaries on Job focus on the angles of human tragedy and suffering, Dr. Parke wanted to write from the perspective of helping us recognize God sees the big picture in our lives and knows what is ultimately best for us.
  • Dr. Parke discusses his desire to impact the lives of people far beyond the borders of the academic setting in which he serves.
  • We talk about what the experience was like working with EntrePastors Press and being published through Morgan James Publishing.

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In the backstage portion of this episode Dr. Parke talks about how God has been working behind the scenes for many years to prepare him to write and publish this book about Job.

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