Keep Your Day Job

Apr 29, 2022

One trait that is common among entrepreneurs is the thrill of the start-up.  Often we enjoy going “all-in” on new projects or pursuing our latest idea.  Sometimes we are even tempted to walk away from our day job as we believe it’s holding us back from experiencing success in our newest side hustle. 

In this episode Jon and Les discuss this tendency and offer up the challenge to “keep your day job” while you’re pursuing and building other streams of income.  In this show you will learn:

  • On average, wealthy people have seven different streams of income while poor people only have one source of revenue.
  • While it’s good to have multiple streams of income, it’s also advisable to focus on building them one at a time.
  • Don’t confuse the consistency of a paycheck with security.  That paycheck can disappear in an instant.  Financial security comes from diversifying our income.
  • It’s dangerous to rely too heavily on our side-hustle or new start up business to provide for our financial needs in the early days.  This results in unnecessary pressure that can be detrimental to our new business as it causes us to appear desperate in our transactions with people.
  • We want to keep delivering good results in our day job as we build our side hustle.

In the backstage portion of this episode Jon and Les speak to the pastor who truly does want to leave their “day job.”  We offer advice for how a pastor can make a healthy transition out of pastoral ministry and into a new season of entrepreneurial ministry in the marketplace.


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