Launching a Low-Content Book Business (with Faye Ruch)


In this episode Jon and Les have a conversation with Faye Ruch.  Faye has recently launched a business that produces “low-content” materials such as journals and workbooks for other content creators and pastors.  She has done an amazing job creating a workbook for the EntrePastors Roadmap to Financial Freedom and Jon and Les wanted to share her as a great resource for those in our community who could benefit from her services.  In addition to highlighting Faye’s new business, here are some of the other topics that were covered in this conversation:

  • Instead of thinking about retirement in the traditional sense, Faye is a fan of “rewiring.”  Rather than sitting idly by in this season of life, she is exploring new dreams and passions.
  • The importance of building multiple streams of income.
  • Low-content is not synonymous with low value.
  • The value of investing in coaching, masterminds, and other mentoring relationships when you’re on the entrepreneurial path.
  • Faye shares her criteria for evaluating new opportunities.  An idea needs to fit into her desired lifestyle, income, passions, and strengths.

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