Pastor, It’s Time to Launch Your Business!


EntrePastors exists to help pastors and other ministry-minded people achieve financial freedom as they learn to THINK, ACT, and THRIVE as prosperous entrepreneurs.  In short, EntrePastors seeks to destroy the narrative of “the starving pastor” that seems to be so prevalent among people of faith in our culture today.  

Rather than trying to engage in a conversation about how to get churches to pay their pastors larger salaries, Jon and Les believe a much more productive way to help pastors thrive financially is through owning and operating a business in the marketplace.  One of the biggest challenges Jon and Les see among pastors is not a lack of desire to have their own business, but a lack of clarity on HOW to get from where they are to where they want to be. 

In this episode Jon and Les share a brand new resource they are offering to anyone who can relate to feeling stuck between wanting a business, but not knowing how to launch it.  You will hear Jon and Les unveil the EntrePastors Business Launch Academy, a 16-week program that offers content and coaching with step-by-step actions that will help you take your business from just an idea to a reality.  Pastor, get ready…it’s time to launch your business!

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