Rethinking Church and Breaking the Mold with Todd Meert


A few years ago, Todd Meert found himself in a situation that has become commonplace for countless pastors in our culture today.  He was leading a small church that was very much stuck in the past, structured in such a way as to limit the pastor’s ability to lead and innovate, all while offering compensation in keeping with church norms of below average.  In this episode, Todd shares his experience of listening to God’s voice of invitation to step out in boldness and break the mold of what “normal church” has looked like for far too long and embark on an adventure of a new kind of church plant.  Todd explains how his church utilizes its 14,000 square feet of commercial space for both commerce and church activities, promoting a unique and engaging community experience. This conversation encourages pastors to think entrepreneurially and find innovative ways to reach people for Jesus.

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