Secular Culture and Kingdom Opportunities with Wayne Prevett

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 In this episode Jon and Les have a powerful conversation with returning guest Wayne Prevett.  Wayne was first featured on the EntrePastors Podcast in episode #55.  Born and raised in Canada, Wayne has witnessed first-hand what it is like trying to do church in a culture that is growing more and more secular.  About 20 years ago, Wayne and his wife Rosanne transitioned their role as traditional pastors to more of a marketplace ministry that specializes in serving people in some major life celebrations and rites of passage such as marriage, funerals, and child dedications.  Some of the big ideas discussed in this episode include:

  • As the culture turns more secular, there are great opportunities to meet and serve people who do not normally attend any church if pastors are willing to take part in these major life celebrations.  This requires a major paradigm shift in which pastors see weddings and funerals as precious opportunities instead of dreaded obligations.
  • People naturally have a “God-consciousness” in the midst of life celebrations such as weddings, funerals, and new birth.  This reality offers pastors a great opportunity to bring into those major crossroads of life.
  • There is a right way and a wrong way for pastors to engage people around these life celebrations.
  • Jon and Les announce that they are teaming up with Wayne to launch Life Celebration Ministries in the very near future.  LCM is a non-profit organization that will train and equip pastors and others to officiate life celebrations with love, professionalism, and excellence.  

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