Serving Others In Life's Most Significant Moments with Wayne Prevett


In this episode Jon has a conversation with Wayne Prevett. Wayne, along with his wife Rosanne are the founders of Celebrating Life Inc. As professional Life Celebration Specialists, they have served thousands of people over their 40-years of ministry together.

Much of their ministry brings them into the service of people in some of life’s most significant moments such as weddings, funerals, and the birth of new life.

Together they have trained thousands of other Life Celebration Specialists and have multiplied the scope of their ministry and business.

Before launching this business, Wayne spent a good number of years in traditional pastoral ministry. As he began to turn his focus of ministry beyond the four walls of the traditional church, he discovered a massive community of people in need of service.

Living in an ever-growing secular country, Wayne encountered so many people who would never even dream of darkening the door of a traditional church, and yet at some very key moments in their life (weddings, funerals, and the birth of their children) would be very open to spiritual matters and even seeking a leader to guide them in those celebrations.

In time, Wayne founded and built Celebrating Life Inc and has conducted over 7000 life celebrations. His dream is to replicate what he has built in Canada in the United States as well as he sees America on the same path to secularism that Canada is on.


In the backstage portion of this episode Wayne shares what he believes is the biggest paradigm shift that pastors need to make around the subject of life celebrations (weddings and funerals). Whereas in the past many pastors view these times with a sense of obligation, Wayne suggests pastors need to see the tremendous opportunity that exists for the gospel ministry when people’s hearts are open and receptive.

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