Setting Healthy Expectations as an EntrePastor (with Kevin Peyton)


Meet Kevin Peyton.  In addition to serving as a pastor, Kevin has been very successful with a few restaurant franchises.  He also runs a nonprofit ministry that is making a significant impact in his community and beyond. 

 In this episode you will hear Kevin talk about:

  • How he took a non-traditional route into pastoral ministry.
  • How he sets healthy expectations with his church when it comes to his role as their pastor.
  • How his nonprofit has grown significantly as a result of the covid pandemic.
  • How he manages his time and is able to get so much accomplished as an entrepastor.
  • How he identifies as being “addicted to NEXT.”  It’s the pull of most entrepreneurs to always be looking for what’s coming next.

In our backstage conversation, Kevin shares some insight into his recommendations regarding starting a nonprofit versus a for-profit business.

Show Notes & Resources:

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