Transferable Skills of Pastors

5 Skills a Pastor Can Easily Transfer Into Side Income

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Pastors already possess valuable skills that can make them competitive and in demand in the marketplace. Sadly, many of them have never learned to think of themselves that way. They think, “The only thing I can do is church work.”

While serving God’s people through ministry is important and honorable, it doesn’t always help a family thrive financially. Many men and women are discovering the marketability of their gifts and talents.

Your transferable skills are the most basic unit of whatever career you choose, and that is certainly true for pastors.

Career coach and author Dan Miller writes, “Skills serve as a bridge from one job to another. Once you have mastered a skill in one career, you can transfer that skill to another field and to another career. These skills can be rearranged, if desired, in a way that opens up new and different career opportunities.”[1]

Here are just a few of the marketable skills many pastors already have.

Public speaking

Studies continue to reveal that public speaking is the #1 fear for most people. They’d rather do about anything else than stand in front of a crowd and talk. Pastors master that skill, practicing it week in and week out for years. The marketplace includes many opportunities for people with solid content who know how to speak, train, and promote.

Administrative and organizational management

Most pastors by natural giftedness or necessity have learned how to handle the systems, processes, and procedural tasks of managing a group of people. Many companies pay well for someone with such skills.

Overseeing a budget

Every credible organization, including non-profits, need people who can walk through the steps of preparing a budget, keeping track of spending, and staying in the bounds of one.

Leading a group of volunteers

More than one CEO of Fortune 500 companies who left the business world to become pastors said that pastoring was significantly more difficult than leading a company. The reason? A pastor primarily works with volunteers. Pastors have rich experience in motivating, encouraging, and leading such groups.

Communicating and connecting personally

Today, studies show that a person’s emotional intelligence (EQ) is a greater predictor of their success than their intelligence quotient (IQ). The ability to relate warmly and authentically, to deal with a variety of personality styles, to manage conflict, and to communicate clearly are extremely valuable skills in today’s world.

Take the Next Step

You already have what it takes, pastor!

We believe God is a God of abundance who gave you multiple talents to build and serve His Kingdom. By using ALL of your God-given talents, you take better care of yourself and your family and become a better pastor in the process.

We help pastors identify and use their God-given talents to develop additional streams of income and achieve financial freedom.  

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[1] Dan Miller, 48 Days to the Work You Love Application Guide, 131.

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