Taking a Powerful Message to the Marketplace - with Tom Henderson


In this episode Jon and Les talk with Tom Henderson, founder of a growing platform Restoration Generation.  Tom has served in vocational pastoral ministry and in recent years has put more of his focus into this new platform that is helping people far beyond the walls of just one church.  

Growing up in a home that was shattered by divorce. Having to deal with issues of anger and bitterness. Overcoming the struggle of acceptance and a poor self-image. Tom knows from experience the obstacles teens and adults face as they work through the challenges and broken relationships in their lives.  

Utilizing humor, stories, scripture and his own journey, Tom delivers a life-changing message that brings hope and encouragement, challenging his listeners with truth and inspiration. Tom is a great example of a pastor who is leaning into what we at EntrePastors call the Information Pathway.  We’re confident his story will be an encouragement and inspiration to many in our audience.

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