The Intrepreneur Academy: a Vision for Internal Entrepreneurs with Scott Benham



In this episode of the EntrePastors podcast Jon and Les talk with Scott Benham, founder of the Intreprenuer Academy.  Scott is on a mission to help people realize their giftings and talents to show up in the marketplace as key “intreprenuers” within growing organizations.  He explains that people with an intrepreneurial mindset are similar to entrepreneurs, but instead of focusing outside of an organization, they bring their skillset to bear from within the organizations they serve.  Rather than being “pigeonholed” into one lane or label within an organization, a true intrepreneur will expand their influence and value to make a bigger impact within and for the company.  This conversation will be a great inspiration to those who are energized at the thought of breaking free from typical employment scenarios, but who also are unsure about bootstrapping their own business from the ground up. 

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