The Joseph Project with John Hanson


Do you recall the story in Genesis where God gave Joseph a vision for the future that included seven years of abundance followed by seven years of famine?  Because of that insight, Joseph was able to use the season of abundance to prepare for the season of famine in such a way that not only spared his life, but many others as well.  It is in this spirit that John Hanson believes he has a word of caution and opportunity for the church today.  In this episode, you’ll hear John share why he believes we are on a collision course for a global depression in the not-too-distant future and what God’s people can be doing right now to be in a position to thrive and help others in the coming days.  While this content is a little different from the normal things we talk about from day to day on this podcast, we believe this is just one more reason for pastors to be leaning into developing alternative sources of income beyond the church in this season.

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