The Wealth of Connection (with Vincent Pugliese)

Jun 17, 2022

In this episode Jon and Les talk with Vincent Pugliese.  Among many other amazing accomplishments, Vincent is the author of The Wealth of Connection: A New Approach to Making Business Personal.  

Vincent believes that so much of the entrepreneurial world is people first creating a product, then trying to hustle to get others to buy their product.  And in their rush to hustle and sell, many people fail at the most basic level to truly connect with others so they can serve them well.  

Vincent’s new book turns that paradigm upside-down as he makes a case for growing your business through personal connection.  Some of the topics we discuss in this interview are:

  • Before we ever create something to share with the world, we first need to build our character, grow our curiosity, develop true connections with the right people, and look for ways to collaborate with others as we help them achieve success.
  • We talk about the difference between selfish and generous goals.
  • Vincent shares how what he calls his “hour of giving” has revolutionized his business and relationships with others.
  • Vincent explains his concept of a 5-year book launch.

In the backstage portion of this episode Vincent shares an incredible story about a time he was given an experience of a life-time all as a result of the curiosity of another person. 


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