Transferring Pastoral Skills to the Marketplace with Ioannis Gratsinopoulos


Meet Ioannis (pronounced “Yani”) Gratsinopoulos.  Initially, Ioannis resisted the thought of being an entrepastor.  He really only ever wanted to be a full-time pastor. 

Due to some circumstances in his life however, he found himself in the marketplace in addition to serving as a pastor.  But he soon discovered that many of the skills that helped him be successful in pastoral ministry were also highly sought after and rewarded in the marketplace. 

Today Ioannis is truly the epitome of an entrepastor, serving both the church and the marketplace.  Some of the topics he discussed in our interview include:

  • Business can be just as much a ministry as pastoring can be!
  • It’s easier for pastors to equip their people to be in marketplace ministry if they themselves are involved in it too.
  • What does it look like to plant churches in a corporate setting?
  • Is it ok for the church to incorporate business principles?
  • It’s dangerous for pastors to live and work in isolation!

In our backstage conversation, Ioannis talks about how to get started with a coaching business.  He also shares some of the differences between coaching pastors versus business professionals.

Show Notes & Resources:

Ioannis Gratsinopoulous' Website

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