Turning First Responder Chaplaincy Into a Profitable Business With Barry Young


In this episode Jon has a conversation with Pastor Barry Young.  Barry is the founder of ServingPastors.com, a ministry that serves pastors in multiple ways.  Barry is also the founder of ServingHeroes.net, a ministry/business that equips first responder chaplains in the realm of mental health and peer support.  

Some of the highlights of this conversation are:

  • The mindset shifts Barry had to work through as he started his own business.
  • Why radical obedience gets radical favor from God.
  • Compassion fatigue:  Why it’s nearly impossible to care for others if you’re not caring for yourself first.

In the backstage portion of this episode Barry shares some foundational principles for anyone who is working to add one or more streams of revenue.  He also has a powerful statement about the danger of staying too comfortable.

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Find Barry Young Online:

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